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HR process automation for the ministry


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs which has representative offices in Ukraine.

About the project

The customer addressed the problem that new employees were unable to start working immediately due to a lack of organized processes:

  • unprepared equipment;
  • unstructured employee onboarding program;
  • access to the systems in which the employee is supposed to work is not open;
  • lack of opportunity to meet with the manager because he/she has no free time in the schedule.

All of the above led to significant delays, as new employees start working much later than they start their first working day. In addition, 5% of the time of employees hired this year was lost.


  1. Manual checking of potential employees is time-consuming and resource-intensive.
  2. Reputational risks due to the human factor of HR specialists. Critical plans were threatened because they weren’t implemented in time. For instance, foreign business trips launching, a visa opening etc.
  3. Additional financial costs and fines due to errors in the non-automated process of accrual of vacation, sick leave, severance payment, and returning employment record books.
  4. Financial losses of the ministry due to downtime in the organization.
  5. Stopping the work of new employees due to the lack of organizational or technical conditions necessary to perform it.
  6. Lack of transparency in HR processes.



Automation and accounting of HR department processes: hiring, sick leave, vacation, business trip, rotation, maternity leave, and dismissal.


Automation of the employee verification process.


Monitoring and reporting to management on all HR processes.


Creation and automation of recruiter interaction with the talent pool.


  1. The time to «close» leadership positions was decreased by 10 times.
  2. Financial costs have decreased due to the elimination of downtime.
  3. The personnel screening process was accelerated by 20 times.
  4. To ensure the security of the ministry, all potential employee screening processes are completed before the decision to hire is made.
  5. The number of recruiters involved in the screening process has decreased by 20% due to automation.
  6. The number of human errors has decreased by 90%.
  7. Risks related to cooperation with potential fraudsters were minimized.


HR Director

We thank Integrity Vision for their excellent work. Thanks to automation, we have reduced the number of errors that occurred during routine manual tasks. This has improved the quality and accuracy of our department's work, which in turn has positively impacted the ministry's reputation and contributing to resource saving.

HR Business Partner

Finally, HR process automation has allowed us to store important personnel data in a secure and convenient format. This has not only reduced the risk of losing important data but also allowed us to easily find and use this information to make strategic decisions and plan the future work of the ministry.

Deputy Minister

I would like to express my gratitude for the implementation of the new HR process automation system in our ministry. This step forward has allowed us to manage our human resources more efficiently, reduce time spent on organizational issues, and facilitate the work of our staff. I am impressed with the quality of work of the Integrity Vision employees, who have worked diligently and responsibly to implement this system. By favoring automated processes, we have been able to significantly increase the efficiency and accuracy of data processing, which is a crucial component of our ministry's success.


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