Benefits of working at Integrity Vision. Professional development, flexible schedule, the ability to work remotely or in part-time mode.

The successful development of a company depends on the cohesiveness of the team. That is why Integrity Vision consists only of specialists who are professionals in their field and share common goals and values. The activities of our company are aimed at providing effective IT services created by specialists who improve their knowledge and personal growth.

In times of war, we support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which are doing everything to maintain the integrity of Ukraine and keep all jobs for each specialist. We also help the families of our employees serving in the Armed Forces. We collect both funds and necessary items for the front.

Integrity Vision career advantages

Integrity Vision has been providing business automation and financial security services for 13 years. During this time, all the employees who joined our team not only improved their skills and gained new knowledge, but also found like-minded people and got stable jobs.

The benefits of working at Integrity Vision include:

  • Ability to work flexible hours: We understand the peculiarities of the times we live in, so we allow our employees to choose their own work hours for effective company performance. That's why we offer a flexible start to the working day, allowing our employees to start their work activities at a time that is convenient for them. This helps maintain productivity and provides a comfortable environment for all members of our team.
  • Opened and loyal management: We are open to dialogue, so we always welcome new ideas or suggestions from employees.
  • We care about the individual development of specialists: We have individual plans for each employee to improve both hard and soft skills of our employees.
  • At Integrity Vision, you can learn Business English in groups: The company covers part of the tuition fees for foreign language courses.
  • Corporate training: Our employees attend courses and seminars to enhance their knowledge. That's why our specialists are always up-to-date with the latest IT innovations.
  • We offer the opportunity to work both remotely and in our Kyiv office: Our company provides all the necessary resources for work.
  • Both men and women with young children can build a career at Integrity Vision. Our company supports women returning to work after maternity leave and offers part-time work options. Thanks to this opportunity, women with small children can choose a convenient work schedule that allows them to balance childcare and work for the company.

If you want to contribute to the improvement of IT services and products and work remotely from anywhere in the world or in our Kyiv office, we are waiting for you!

Vacancy: Sales Manager (IT Products)

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