Competence Center

Conducting training of the client-side implementation team on the use of the developed solution.

Business process management allows companies to speed up their work and achieve the expected results. Our specialists not only implement end-to-end turnkey solutions for work automation but also train the client-side implementation team to effectively support and evolve the created product.

This way, the Customer's specialists learn to complete the necessary tasks independently, without outside assistance. This helps diversify risks and minimizes dependence on vendors and integrators. Our specialists also assist and advise in the process of setting up a competence center on the customer's side.

Building a Competence Center

  1. Testing of the Customer's specialists.
  2. Conducting training and workshops.
  3. Joint implementation of projects.
  4. Formation of the knowledge base.

Why choose an Integrity Vision Competence Center?

We adopt an individual approach for each of our clients, so in addition to optimizing business processes, we pay attention to training specialists to maintain and develop the implemented solution.

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