Complex Turnkey Solutions Development & Implementation

Implementing and customizing of complex turnkey solutions. Quality control and testing of software. Providing technical support during the use of the IT product.

The Integrity Vision team carries out a whole set of work aimed at creating products and solutions from scratch or adapting and customizing them to meet specific customer needs and goals. This allows us not only to create a high-quality IT product but also to provide support, maintenance, and technical support.

Key stages of turnkey solutions implementation

First, Integrity Vision specialists communicate with the customer to determine the requirements for the future solution. Next, we go through the following stages of the process:

  • Concept & Idea Generation. We commence by creating a concept that meets the customer's real needs. Then, we evaluate the potential concept according to important criteria: feasibility and viability. We aim to develop an end-to-end solution that will be handed off to the design team later.
  • Requirements Collecting. Our team gathers the requirements and wishes of the users and other customer stakeholders. We use that information to plan the functionality and features of the future implemented solutions. This process encompasses researching current user functionality, analyzing alternative process paths, prioritizing requirements, and identifying outcomes and targets. That helps us define what «success» means for a particular project.
  • Designing. At that stage, our experts take the concept, requirements, and idea to visualize the potential solution. Then, we test different options, get feedback, and find a design that best meets the Customer's needs. This process may include architectural design, interface development, prototyping, etc. That allows us to gather insights from stakeholders as they interact with the proposed solution even before the start of implementation.
  • Solution Development. Creating the solution and the design, development of integrations, and ensuring that the increment is ready for use. Our team uses various frameworks, technologies, and tools to make the implemented solution work within the customer's internal processes and existing infrastructure.
  • Testing & Quality Assurance. Through rigorous testing, we provide stability, absence of critical errors, and maximum usability of the solution. We also cooperate with a customer to collect any issues or necessary improvements they may identify. This stage includes unit, integration, system, and acceptance testing.
  • Final Release to the Production. The solution is ready for use and available to the target audience in its final form. We are starting the process of production operation.
  • Continuous Improvement. Because of constant changes, the implemented solution as well must evolve to meet the ever-changing user needs. Therefore, we propose ongoing maintenance and support of the implemented solution to ensure continuous and secure operation of the processes that meet market requirements.

This sequence results in a high-quality turnkey solution. Such an approach allows the team to work in a coordinated and efficient manner, responding quickly to the needs and new requests of the Customer.

Fast-track delivery and maintenance solutions

We've crafted a distinctive service tailored to our clients' needs. You no longer have to concern yourself with hardware, network infrastructure, or reliability issues. Simply specify your desired SLA, and we'll handle the rest while ensuring service availability.

In the IT industry, it's often said that the actual coding represents only half of the work. The other half involves procuring equipment, establishing a robust database network, maintaining the necessary personnel, and much more. This consumes time and money, as well as introduces potential risks. At your request, we are ready to take care of the infrastructure deployment for you, harnessing the power of Amazon Cloud and Kubernetes and following industry best practices.

Before starting end-to-end solution implementation, the Integrity Vision team conducts a business analysis of the client's operation. This allows us to help solve problems and improve the organization's workflow.

How business analysis is performed:

Initially, we identify, analyze, and describe existing business processes (BPs). Following this, we create a comprehensive general BPs catalog. Once we understand the existing BPs of the Customer, we prioritize and identify the first-stage BPs (where to start automation), conducting a thorough AS-IS model analysis to document their current state.

With the AS-IS model, we optimize the 1st stage BPs for efficiency, simultaneously creating a TO-BE model for future process improvements. We also create a roadmap for implementing changes in the 1st stage BPs, analyze associated procedures, and define system requirements. We assess resources, define an implementation roadmap, and identify risks with strategies for effective responses during this critical stage of the project.

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