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Integrity Vision presented Ukraine at the international conference CamundaCon 2022 in Berlin

On October 5-6, 2022, CamundaCon 2022 was held - a conference on process orchestration. We have been cooperating with the vendor for more than 5 years, and this year we had the opportunity to act as an official sponsor of the event. Integrity Vision continues the tradition of attending a key event from a partner without missing a single conference. And now, for the first time in 2 years, the meeting was finally held in an offline format. Our team visited Berlin and presented the company with an exhibition stand and also had an online stand to communicate with virtual visitors from all over the world.

More than 400 specialists and users of the platform from Europe, the USA, Brazil, and Africa gathered at the event. A real synergy of experience and knowledge of international experts. We were glad to have the opportunity to chat live, hear how partners use the Camunda platform, and find new business partners in the European market for collaborative projects.

CamundaCon 2022 was held over 2 days and had four streams: Business Transformation, Camunda in Action, Orchestrating the Future and Camunda Insights. Therefore, all the needs of the participants were covered with useful information. Among the speakers were representatives of the following companies: Decathlon, Walmart, NatWest Group, EY, NBC, First American, Bank of New York Mellon, Hamilton and others. It is important that a separate thread was allocated for use cases of the platform, where you could hear the most diverse implementation stories and project results.

The report of Michael Goldverg, Managing Director of The Bank of New York Mellon, is worth special attention. Michael works with a small team of product engineers to develop end-to-end business orchestration services for Global Fund accounting at the Bank. The speaker shared a case study of how they model complex business processes with thousands of variations using a single base model, and how to keep BPMN engines at peak performance while keeping 100 million tasks in a history database.

By the way, recordings of all speakers are available for viewing for free. And technical news is worth a separate article, which we will prepare later.

Stay the course on Amazon

According to tradition, the conference was opened by the co-founder and CEO of Camunda, Jacob Freund, who noted that nowadays every company, in a certain sense, would like to be like the Amazon of its industry, having transformed "from a small cat to a roaring tiger". All companies are on course for business growth and scaling. And, according to Jacob, the key to any scaling is processes and automation! It is well-designed processes and intelligent automation that distinguish Amazon from other companies in the Internet services industry.

Automation is the key to transformation, says Camunda CEO Jacob Freund. We need to use automation to transform and grow. But how does this actually happen? We often focus on "quick wins", focusing mostly on local automation, support and administrative processes such as HR, finance. No less important, indeed, but not the main ones. These are not the processes of production, manufacture or sale of products or services. Such a local approach to automation gives fairly quick wins, but in reality does not allow to truly transform the organization. And the difficulties we face are very much related to this way of automating. Because often, even with a set of separate automated processes, we see that they are not really integrated with each other, so they do not provide the experience of true end-to-end automation in the company. This means that they do not provide the necessary transparency and flexibility in management. What to do in such cases?

Jacob emphasizes that it is always important to look to industry leaders who are always a little ahead of the rest of the world and use their role models. Such companies exist and prove by their example that competent Amazon-level automation is quite possible, so we should study their experience, finding the key patterns that allow them to grow. And one of the key successful patterns that Camunda can currently highlight is process orchestration.

Process orchestration is the main pattern of success

Many companies strive to achieve true end-to-end automation, where processes flow seamlessly, independent of people, systems and devices. In the case of a startup that is being built from the ground up, it is easier to achieve this level of process automation than if you are working with legacy systems.

However, for most companies, working with legacy systems is a reality. A survey conducted by Tata Consultancy Services and AWS found that 70% of global companies cite modernization of legacy systems as a top strategic business priority. However, restoring and replacing these systems is a difficult and expensive process. In addition to legacy systems, the number and variety of process endpoints, process complexity, and operating across disparate systems can all lead to problems with failures or ineffective automation. This is where process orchestration comes in.

Process orchestration coordinates the various endpoints of a business process, and sometimes even links multiple processes together. It helps you work with the people, systems and devices you already have, while achieving your most ambitious end-to-end automation goals.

Process orchestration technology makes the most sense when your business processes span a diverse set of process endpoints and are described by more complex logic than a simple sequence of steps. At the same time, complex processes do not require complex technology. A versatile process orchestrator like Camunda can be both powerful and convenient. Implementing process orchestration can help your team get the most out of automation and achieve the best levels of efficiency in your industry.

Expanding business horizons

For Integrity Vision, the presence at the conference as a sponsor and the development of partnerships in Europe are new business opportunities. Our IT company has laid the foundation for joint implementation of interesting projects in the future by exchanging expertise in the field of business process automation with other companies. The CamundaCon 2022 conference became a time for new acquaintances and exchange of experience at the international level. In the difficult period of martial law for business in Ukraine, it is more important than ever to find new ways to grow, develop and expand the partner network for our victory.

"It is a great honor for us to represent Ukraine on an international platform, among business process automation specialists from all over the world. We made many new acquaintances, discussed topical issues related to the implementation of the platform and had the opportunity to meet in person with the entire Сamunda team. We had time to discuss many important issues regarding the development of our business in Europe and other continents. We thank our partners for organizing a fruitful conference",

commented Inna Solovyova, CEO and founder of the IT company Integrity Vision.


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