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Integrity Vision became a Platinum Partner Certified of Camunda

The company Integrity Vision, which is a partner in the development of software for orchestration and automation of business processes of Camunda, received the highest partner status - Platinum Partner Certified.

This status allows the vendor to guarantee to customers that Integrity Vision specialists involved in the implementation of the platform and automation of business processes perform their work with the highest quality, taking into account the methodology of BPM and the best global practices.

In order to receive this status, the company met the minimum requirements from the vendor: trained 12 employees and certified more than 8 developers in a year. Integrity Vision specialists have passed specialized exams and use best practices when developing solutions for customers.

The new partner status confirms that the company now has the highest level of knowledge recognized by the manufacturer. This provides guarantees for customers and indicates that all work on orchestration and automation of business processes, performed by the Integrity Vision team, will be done qualitatively and efficiently. Also, the certification confirms that the employees who will work on development and implementation have the necessary level of knowledge to participate in international project tenders.

"Our company is constantly strengthening cooperation with the Camunda company! Obtaining the highest partner status, Platinum Partner Certified, gives us more opportunities to influence the development of the product in general. For example, now the features proposed by our team to improve the functionality of Camunda will be considered by the vendor, and if they are effective, they can be offered to other customers as additional product options. This allows our team to contribute to the improvement of the Camunda product by providing their recommendations. Thus, we have the opportunity to improve the product together with the vendor, which makes our cooperation even more interesting and effective",

commented Oleksiy Nakonechny, Deputy General Director of Integrity Vision, responsible for the development of the partnership with Camunda.

We also invite you to check our latest report Camunda vs. Competitors in which we compared the Camunda Platform with several competitive BPM systems:

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